The right is bonkers: Trump’s no messiah, not law-abiding, not most electable

Sure, compromised Biden numbers suck,/ But where else can he go but up?

Image Credit: Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Does not voter turnout from the start
Reflect issues, character and heart?
The bottom line for any candidate:
To target enough voters to activate.

What buffoon okayed ham-fisted schemes
To peddle fascism with titanic screams?
What manic loser pimps the lunatic fringe— 
A tin-ear indulging a suicide binge?

Who but a foolish, egocentric knave
Broadcasts every way to misbehave?
To shock the center, pumping disdain—  
The “perfect” kamikaze campaign.

Will centrists take “dictator-for-a-day”
As anything but vile power play?
What undecideds would not oppose
Weaponizing law to smash-mouth foes?

Who gets elected glued to the Big Lie—
So “legit results” only favor your guy?
Why bother with a costly election— 
If Trumpers alone “merit” selection? 

The Big Lie, the ultimate Big Con,
Imparts nuance like a ten-ton bomb.
Won’t centrist voters flee being scorned— 
With top-down controls when to spawn?

Immigration, childbirth, human rights
Must pass muster with supremacist whites. 
Does suppression of lawful dissent
Not our protected rights circumvent?

Show me how Trump’s fixation on race
Will magically expand his base?
Does gloom and doom not set the floor
On MAGA support, as twice before?

Sure, compromised Biden numbers suck,
But where else can he go but up? 
No convict beats an incumbent with nothing—
Not with lying, huffing and puffing.

A shrewd incumbent with zillions to spend
Needs a potent foe his career to end.
For Joe has leverage to reconstruct,
The Donald more ways to self-destruct.

Low-info folks seek a strongman boss,
But what if the price is hellish chaos?
There still remains enough momentum
To flee the horrors of a tyrant’s thumb. 


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