Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Project 2025 architect warns of violence if Trump-led ‘revolution’ faces resistance

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts signals potential bloodshed as Project 2025 aims to centralize power under a Trump presidency.

After his guilty verdict, Trump is no longer running against Biden...

It’s no longer just about choosing a candidate, but about choosing a system of government altogether.

Trump fundraising off of conviction after sinking millions of dollars in...

As allegations against Trump mount and the costs of defense rise, have his campaign and political committees ramped up legal spending—and fundraising efforts to cover those expenses?

The right is bonkers: Trump’s no messiah, not law-abiding, not most...

Sure, compromised Biden numbers suck,/ But where else can he go but up?

The truth about Trumponomics

The MAGA agenda would make nearly every aspect of your life more expensive, while making the richest Americans even richer.

‘Democracy is not out of the woods yet’: Trump announces 2024...

"To protect our democracy and our freedoms, we must make sure he never sets foot in the Oval Office again."


Trump attempting to recalibrate campaign after Harris becomes Democratic nominee

With Vice President Kamala Harris now the presumptive Democratic nominee, Trump and his campaign face new challenges in the race to the 2024 election.

Mass arrests at Jewish-led protest in US House Building ahead of Netanyahu speech

Hundreds, including rabbis, detained while protesting U.S. support for Israel’s Gaza offensive and Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress.

Sanders urges Harris to champion working-class agenda amid 2024 campaign

As labor unions and advocacy groups rally around Vice President Harris, Senator Sanders emphasizes the need for a strong working-class focus in her 2024 campaign.

What’s worse than a devouring, criminal president? A deified, raging outlaw excited by violence

Trumpism is not a slippery slope but a mountain avalanche on steroids.

Biden-Harris administration’s bold plan to phase out single-use plastics across federal agencies

The Biden-Harris administration has announced significant commitments to eliminate single-use plastics from federal operations by 2035, with interim goals set for 2027, marking a crucial step in tackling the plastic pollution crisis.