Thursday, September 28, 2023

Fredric Bauer and Tobias Dan Nielsen

Fredric Bauer is an associate senior lecturer in technology and society, specialized on sustainable industry, at Lund University in Sweden. He conducts research on development, diffusion, and governance of low-carbon innovation in energy and industrial systems aiming towards the transformation to a circular and bio-based economy. This includes investigating global networks in the industries, their connection to state interests and the financial sector, how these factors affect the stability and potential for a transition in the industries, as well as how different forms of governance can support and accelerate the transition. His current work is focused on the chemicals and plastics industries. Fredric Bauer is a contributing author to the IPCC 6th assessment report on climate change mitigation in the industrial sector, has contributed to the work of the European Environment Agency on a circular economy for plastics, and is a member of Climate Bonds Initiative technical working group aiming to develop criteria for sustainable basic chemicals. Tobias Dan Nielsen is a researcher on climate and sustainability politics including on petrochemicals, plastics, and climate policy. He joined IVL Swedish Environment Research Institute in 2019 from Lund University, where he was a post-doctoral fellow working on plastics. At IVL, he has conducted several policy studies on plastics (incl. petrochemical sector) for the European Environment Agency (EEA), the German Development Agency (GIZ), and the Swedish Environment Agency. He has published several pieces on plastics, and on environmental and climate politics in top international journals. In addition, he has held several public talks on plastics and petrochemicals.


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