Thursday, May 28, 2020

And they say I’m the crazy one!!

For that minority of us who reject both this Military Industrial Empire and its Two Party ‘One Party’ system, we are marginalized and ostracized.

Trump’s (tragic) gift to the Dems

Well, the Neo Con-Dem party, lately much more the 'Lesser of two evils', was just given a gift.  The sad, tragically sad reality is...

The anti-empire report #157: Unpersons

In his desperation for approval, our dear president has jumped on the back of increased military spending.

It’s time

“It is time to end this dance with death. Good people deserve good leaders. Good leaders would quickly negotiate and effect nuclear disarmament.”

Rethinking reparations

Aaron Campbell was young, black, unarmed, and suffered from mental illness, exacerbated by his brother’s death that day from kidney failure. He was...

I still can’t get no satisfaction

I can't get no satisfactionI can't get me no satisfactionAnd I try and I try and I try t-t-t-t-try tryI can't get...

The Values of Failing

“I do think that failure is a valuable part of life. We learn from it, benefit from it, and sometimes, have to reconcile ourselves to it.”

A round-up of responses to terrorism more graceful than the president’s

Responding to outbursts of violence in a reasoned and rational way must be one of our highest priorities.

‘Focus’ on the Neo Nazi revival

Many will state, and perhaps rightly so, that we have come a long way since the 40s, 50s and 60s. Yet, the hate is still there, engrained in the minds of white Christian Americans... or should I say Amerikans.

Terrorism: Where Lies the Greatest Blame?

When will this government understand that there is a direct correlation between military hubris and terrorism? When will it stop creating its own enemies?