Friday, September 17, 2021

A pandemic of fallacious thinking and civic irresponsibility: The precarious state of reason

Who anticipated the awful arguments/claims that would result in response to the Pandemic?

A Brief History of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

“Let’s take a look at the history of these world-famous personalities.”

Why war? Building on the legacy of Einstein, Freud and Gandhi

If we want to end war, we must halt the adult war against children as a priority.

The Democrats just helped the Greens!

By Trump doing his thing the Greens will attract millions of working stiffs once they realize that it doesn't have to be mutiny to leave the Democratic Party's safe refuge anymore.

Nomad America?

In a nutshell, many working stiffs are perhaps a few paychecks away from becoming what I will call Economic Nomads.

Dirty tricks vs. democracy

If we fail to rise up we fail to do our civic duty to protect our very democracy.

5 reasons a sustainable workplace is a happy, healthy workplace

Embracing eco-friendly ideas is one way to show your staff that your organization cares.

7 ways to make your small business greener

Once you have these new and greener practices down, not only will your office residents thank you for them, but so will the environment.

Big Man politics, Africa to America

“Elect a Congress and Senate of Democrats next fall. Articles of impeachment are already in hand.”

Not exceptional. It’s strange.

Here are examples where America is different from other countries...