Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What is a public forum?

How a platform operates should not depend upon whether it is owned by a private company or not.

I’ll cry instead

We have a long lasting parade of fools in my beloved country.

Gods of the Sky

How more sanitized can killing become, except for those in the missile's path?

Military Madness

Nearly 50 years and nothing ever changes, does it?

Juneteenth for white folk

Is Juneteenth the national holiday going to fix the disparate outcomes for black people in education, health, income, wealth, home ownership, death by police, imprisonment, unemployment, and other inequities?

Money for something… But not you!!!

How long can the hundreds of millions of us who are maybe a few paychecks away from financial crisis put up with 'Capitalism on Steroids'?

Love brings peace

Peace and love are the only answer.

Together or separate

We need to put up with each other for a few months while we preserve the basics of our 244-year experiment in People Power.

One positive note

“I looked over the 45 people thus far nominated or selected to be in Biden’s administration, and I noted several positive things.”

How climate change could reshape the US 2020 election?

If the presidential race is close, the how or whether to address environmental change in a considerable style could have the effect among triumph and defeat.