Friday, July 30, 2021

What we are missing

It is summer, I’m a teacher, nearly unpaid, and have the gift of prep time for fall classes. I’m also being indulgent...

On Father’s Day: Poor Alphonse

“But other men were not my father. He never once stopped loving me his entire life.”

Humanity lives

To be better humans, we need to tell the truth and not let ourselves fall victim to greed and corruption.

Why war?

Can we not rid the world of the institution of war?

Spectators, Shoppers and Voters… NOT Citizens!!

I begin my column with the profound words from the great anti-empire documentarian Paul Edwards, at the end of his fine new...

Making internet easier

The idea behind the foregoing is to make communication easier, prevent cheating, and make dispute resolution simpler and more acceptable in small cases.

Our American character and you the voter

It is up to us. No one can vote for you and your vote matters—we have seen many elections decided by just a few votes and several decided by a single vote. You are important.

Hey! Democracy! Choices!

Our enlightened self-interest is at stake, the well-being of our children and grandchildren is in the balance. Let’s do right. 

Speaker Pelosi: Put Republicans on the investigating commission

A divided vote would have less of an impact but at least the facts would in the open, and the voters can make their own decision.

Emergency response

Police have fatally shot more than 1,200 people with mental illnesses since 2015, according to the database.