Friday, September 17, 2021

Universal Lifetime Insurance

Is this socialism? Well, no doubt. But it doesn’t undercut our present system. It just gives everyone a guarantee of something to look forward to

Let them suck Sikorskys, let them eat pork

The Pentagon consumes more fossil fuel than any other entity on Earth.

Teaching mindfulness for a better tomorrow

When a child is taught how to be mindful, they can let go of that weight sooner and will be able to better manage their symptoms.

Keeping the vaccine for ourselves

The results and ideas should be shared, and the costs should be pooled, regardless of whether it is a rich country or a poor country that is paying.

This land is your land

The trial in tiny Cavalier, North Dakota, in remote Pembina County, was heartbreaking.

Juneteenth for white folk

Is Juneteenth the national holiday going to fix the disparate outcomes for black people in education, health, income, wealth, home ownership, death by police, imprisonment, unemployment, and other inequities?

The anti-empire report #159: The mind of the mass media

What is it that motivates such people? I think it’s mainly that they realize that blame for much of environmental damage can be traced, directly or indirectly, to corporate profit-seeking behavior, an ideology to which they are firmly committed.

The Christmas gift

His son would have a better Christmas than expected... and he felt absolutely no guilt about it at all.

Money for something

It is time for all working stiffs to shout out loud and clear that our treasury could be filled up pretty quickly with some major steps.

Freaky weather past and present: Is this winter weather the new normal?

Storm Uri wreaked havoc last month and has left many wondering about how often these storms will happen and why.