Saturday, September 25, 2021

The anti-empire report #159: The mind of the mass media

What is it that motivates such people? I think it’s mainly that they realize that blame for much of environmental damage can be traced, directly or indirectly, to corporate profit-seeking behavior, an ideology to which they are firmly committed.

Terrorism: A false threat

Millions starve. Millions die yearly from preventable diseases. Millions die as a consequence of wars. Compared with these numbers, the total count of terrorist victims is vanishingly small.

Life imitates art: Does diversity in media have any impact on the real world

Diversity in media is not just impactful, it is essential.

In defense of the human individual

In essence, the foundation of any strategy for human survival must be the powerful individual.

Emergency response

Police have fatally shot more than 1,200 people with mental illnesses since 2015, according to the database.

Speaker Pelosi: Put Republicans on the investigating commission

A divided vote would have less of an impact but at least the facts would in the open, and the voters can make their own decision.

Brooklyn, Spring/Summer ’69- On Neighborhoods and War

You live in the burbs, or what they call so many small cities nowadays. Strip malls, shopping centers and it seems a...

What we are missing

It is summer, I’m a teacher, nearly unpaid, and have the gift of prep time for fall classes. I’m also being indulgent...

Look! Take an Afghander at that perennial FUBAR

We see exactly what we see in Afghanistan right now, the logical mess at the end of nearly two decades of mistakes compounding mistakes.

Ceasar: Grief and challenge

The intersection of guns, drugs, poverty, scant education, substandard health care, high unemployment, and corruption are literally producing conditions that invariably redound the hardest and worst on young people of color.