Junior High School Amerika

This Two Party/ One Party system that serves our empire so well will never allow dialogue on how to end this mess.


Many baby boomers like this writer seem to have better ‘long term memory’ than what just transpired recently. I can remember, almost vividly, when we held our student government elections over 50 years ago.  Current NY Senator Chuck Schumer, running for school president at 14 years of age and wearing an Abe Lincoln style beard and stovepipe hat, rests clearly in my memory bank. Interesting how the state of politics today is very much similar to those SGO races. It wasn’t so much about issues, rather about personalities or personality flaws that opponents hammered out against one another. Things could even get rather nasty to say the least. So it is in this Junior High School Amerika.

The 90+ minutes of last evening’s Democratic debate hardly touched upon dissecting issues and ideas for real change in this empire. Instead, it was ‘dog eat dog’ to make the most talking points for the media to tally as to ‘Who won’ and ‘Who lost’. We had the usual media suspects, this time from NBC, who were leading the candidates down this rabbit hole. Interesting how the ‘Lead moderator’, good ole Lester Holt, was once again ordained to be such an authority on this ****. Remember Lester? I do. Go back into your memory bank to a bit shy of 17 years ago, to March of 2003, when the Bush/Cheney gang did their heinous act of the illegal and immoral attack and invasion of Iraq. Good ole Lester was one of the newscasters who did MSNBC’s cheerleading of the infamous Shock and Awe carpet bombing of Baghdad. Lester was the good soldier, along with NBC’s little Miss Katie Couric, she of the famous phrase “Marines Rock”, that celebrated an act that still negatively resonates within that Middle East region. One would think that ALL the hacks who whored themselves for this empire would have been castigated and ripped of their careers a bit. No sir! Ole Lester became NBC’s anchor and moderator for presidential election debates. Little Katie continued to do well with her career too. Why not? You serve the man well and he pays well. Ask Rachel Maddow, the brilliant scholar turned news journalist and empire lover, who earns, I believe at last look, 8 million dollars a year!

While the Dems were doing their ‘slash and burn’ show last night, the other Junior High School politician, our president, was at it in Phoenix. He was conducting another of his ‘Tent show rallies’ to a crowd of loyal minions. I say ‘minions’ because it seems that no matter how many times he and his ‘Billionaire run’ administration do things to screw working stiffs nationwide, the suckers… oh sorry, the voters, ask for more. His base, many of whom are working stiffs like you and me, keep thinking that Trump is ‘on their side’ against the evil government and the Deep State, the very Deep state that he serves. How many cuts in funding for their needs and survival until they realize that he is NOT on their side? His cronies, people like Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Steve Schwarzman and his son in law Jared Kushner made mega millions on the Sub Prime Scam and its aftereffects. They made sure that millions of homeowners were foreclosed into becoming renters from these predators… who are now our ‘Public Servants’. Factor in Trump’s buddy, Fox’s Sean Hannity, who owns thousands of rental units, many in low-income areas. One wonders how many of Trump’s base have been subjected to the terror of these guys, or had friends and relatives so tortured. As long as this carnival barker tells them about ‘Building the wall’ or spending their tax money on more military at the expense of domestic needs, they drink the ‘War on Terror’ Kool Aid. Sad.

This Two Party/ One Party system that serves our empire so well will never allow dialogue on how to end this mess. Never! Sanders comes close, in the little he is able to transmit, on how we need systematic changes to things. If you watched the (so-called) Junior High School debate last night, you saw how the NBC and DNC masters of deception operate. They did their best to marginalize Sanders, and now Bloomberg (who deserves such treatment), for getting the public energized. Bloomberg does it by spending mega millions of TV ads for his recognition. The empire’s handlers realize that the suckers… sorry, the voters,  just won’t finally buy his approach when and if they go into that voting booth. Thus, he is not safe… even for a corrupt empire as ours. As to Sanders, well their agenda is obvious. He is too dangerous to their Status Quo. Big Pharma, Big Insurance and of course Big Oil & Gas, along with Wall Street, have too much to lose. Even if as the nominee he would lose the election, his use of the bully pulpit, like the one he has now, is something they just don’t want the suckers.. sorry, the voters to have to be exposed to.

Yes, the empire loves our Junior High School brand of politics… always has and always will.


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