Monday, October 25, 2021

Antebellum America Redux

What is the answer to this problem that has been with our nation since its founding?

Gimme Shelter…Land Lords Need not Apply!!

What we need to make a better society for most working stiffs out there is community owned and operated nonprofit rental housing.

Demosthenes, call home: Your quest may be over

This is Joe Biden’s moment to do what he always thought he could do, what he wanted to do from the get-go.

Never Give a Sucker…

The real patriots are we folks who do NOT wish to send our young soldiers to all those places overseas to either kill or be killed for strictly the purposes of this Military Industrial Empire!

Our future and the survival of humanity

So let us have community. Let us have a more egalitarian society. That way, we can survive.

Spectators, Shoppers and Voters… NOT Citizens!!

I begin my column with the profound words from the great anti-empire documentarian Paul Edwards, at the end of his fine new...

Homeland insecurity

Doesn't matter if it's a Bush, an Obama or now a Trump in the White House... Perpetual War continues at taxpayer and innocent civilians' expense!

Humanity lives

To be better humans, we need to tell the truth and not let ourselves fall victim to greed and corruption.

Our American character and you the voter

It is up to us. No one can vote for you and your vote matters—we have seen many elections decided by just a few votes and several decided by a single vote. You are important.

Hey! Democracy! Choices!

Our enlightened self-interest is at stake, the well-being of our children and grandchildren is in the balance. Let’s do right.