Saturday, October 23, 2021

Hey! Democracy! Choices!

Our enlightened self-interest is at stake, the well-being of our children and grandchildren is in the balance. Let’s do right. 

Making internet easier

The idea behind the foregoing is to make communication easier, prevent cheating, and make dispute resolution simpler and more acceptable in small cases.

Can Moderates and Progressives find any way to work together?

They both need to do their part. Without it, woe is be to our collective future.

Improve democracy: Close the college

Attempts to fix this have been made from time to time, but never garnered enough votes to mount a successful fix to this fundamental flaw.

We just say no

NRA and your purchased politicians, we Just Say No.

Will Hillary Take Plutocratic ‘Clinton, Inc.’ Global?

Welcome to the new series, “The Hero of a Thousand Escapes.” What other celebrity political duo instantly transforms any election into melodrama at best, family intrigue at worse, rife with influence peddling, suspect donations, policy failures (NAFTA, health care), strategic blunders (Libya, Syria, China), and bungled secrecy that inevitably gets unmasked? The greatest downside to President Hillary is elevation of first female whose gender novelty promises no jolts to the grievous status quo nor confrontation to the plutocracy that funds it (and her). Forget her age: Hillary's range (and clientele) represent something new and more dangerous.

Stopping crime by removing incentives

We can eliminate the need to use crime for economic support by providing economic support.

Coming to terms with the abortion conflict and other matters

The point here is that we can and should discuss issues such as these openly and respectfully.

Regulating tech is only half the job: Changing the underlying attitudes is the real...

Culture is largely responsible for up to 80% and more of what goes on in organizations.

Why community efforts should live at the forefront of activism

When community members work together on something they believe strongly in, they do so with strength and mutual care that have positive effects on everyone involved.