Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Facebook condemned for empowering right-wing magazine to “drive liberal news outlets into the ground”

What do you achieve when you let the Weekly Standard operate as a fact-checker for one of the internet's most powerful platforms? "You achieve bullshit."

How white colonizers set us up for uncontrollable wildfires

"I want us to go humbly to the very people our culture tried to exterminate to listen to what they can teach us. "

A savvy news consumer’s guide: How not to get duped

A veteran media critic offers tips on where to get those grains of salt you should be consuming with your news feed.

After coal, a small Kentucky town builds a healthier, more creative economy

A complex network of local organizations helps neighbors support one another as they rebound from a dying industry.

From farm to table, women in the US food system are speaking up about...

The U.S. food sector depends heavily on immigrant labor and is also the lowest-paid and most exploited one in the nation.

People are showing they’ve had enough

People can only be squeezed so much before they rise up and say, “enough!”

Education wave that began in West Virginia sweeps nation

Chances are, that if teachers are fed up, many more others are too.

Native American communities bear brunt of shutdown with medicine shortages & suspended food programs

Democratic members of Congress held a hearing Tuesday on the effects of the shutdown on health, education and employment in Native communities.

From mowing the grass to cutting the flesh

How young women learn to hate their genitals.