Thursday, December 12, 2019

Four Reasons Why the Wall Street Journal’s Attack on Bernie Is Bogus

The Wall Street Journal recently dumped on Bernie Sanders' expansion of government based on misinformation and distortion. Now, Robert Reich is responding to the recent article by spreading the truth.

Joe Arpaio promoted his GOP Senate candidacy with a publication that denies the Holocaust

The anti-immigrant Joe Arpaio has a long history of racist and corrupt actions.

Bill McKibben: Green New Deal is a chance to ‘remake not just a broken...

"...if we don’t get action really soon, if we let it stretch out, those are the decades that will finish the work of breaking the planet. It’s why the urgency of something like the Green New Deal is so crucial."

“Somebody is going to die”: Lawyer describes chaos, illness & danger at migrant child...

"They’re breaking the law by taking the children away from their families."

Billionaires made more money in 2017 than any other year in recorded history

Meanwhile, 18.5 million Americans live in extreme poverty and "5.3 million live in Third World conditions of absolute poverty."

The case against WikiLeaks is a crisis for the First Amendment

The Trump administration once celebrated WikiLeaks. Now it wants to prosecute Julian Assange simply for publishing things it doesn't like. That's a threat to all journalists.

21st Century Amerika, A Reality Show

“As our cities and towns crumble, literally and financially, we are ready to anoint one of these two predators as the new stooge of empire.”

To force billionaires off welfare, Sanders tax would make corporations fund 100% of public...

"I don't believe that ordinary Americans should be subsidizing the wealthiest person in the world because you pay your employees inadequate wages."

This fourth of July, we need to talk about family separation

My family – like many of yours – is preparing for a holiday weekend spent celebrating our nation’s birthday with friends. I’m...

The beginning is near: The deep north, evictions and pipeline deadlines

None of us know how this moment in history is going to work out.