Friday, July 19, 2019

Libeled by the Washington Post in a ‘false news’ McCarthyite attack on alternative media

Is the Pentagon behind this massive hit on independent journalism?

Alicia Silverstone poses nude for PETA and animal rights

Although PETA’s protest techniques are a bit unorthodox, they successfully continue to raise awareness against animal cruelty and rampant abuse.

How to talk to your climate denier uncle this Thanksgiving

“Making America great again means denying Chinese hoaxes.”

No, CNN, Trump hasn’t denounced racism

He’s been too busy denouncing Hamilton and SNL and leveraging the presidency for profit.

TV news and its long dark night of the soul

Tunnel vision and faulty polls blinded television to what was happening during the election. But that’s not all.

Turn widespread discontent into mass movement

We can turn widespread discontent into a mass movement with the power to transform the nation.

Don’t be distracted by the Trump circus

As soon as Trump tweeted about “Hamilton,” interest in his other scandals tanked.

Establishment media declares war on their competition as “fake news”

US News has published a list of websites that it deems unworthy of support, and is essentially urging to be de-monitized or banned based on the previous calls to action.

2016 as prologue, not aberration

Our media is strangling our democracy, and without a course correction it will only get worse.

Major outlets downplay the fact that Trump’s new chief strategist ran an anti-Semitic white...

By ignoring or downplaying Bannon’s extremist history, major newspapers are not giving their readers the essential background information they deserve on a man who is soon to be one of the most influential people in politics.