Saturday, August 24, 2019

Trump’s attack on the freedom of the press

Historically, these 4 techniques have been used by demagogues to erode the freedom and independence of the press.

Bill O’Reilly: “Abolishing the electoral college” is “all about race”

O'Reilly: "The left wants power taken away from the white establishment"

The year of ‘post-truth’

Thanks to fake news and hyper partisanship, many of us can no longer distinguish facts from opinions – or lies.

5 tips on how to talk climate change this holiday season

The trick is to use patience, tolerance, an optimistic tone – and last, but not least, a keen understanding of your audience – to nudge your climate-skeptic sister or father-in-law.

Fox contributor Newt Gingrich wants Congress to change ethics laws for Trump

Newt Gingrich has a take on how Donald Trump can keep from running afoul of U.S. ethics laws: Change the ethics laws.

Urgent to progressives: Stop fueling the anti-Russia frenzy

Such eagerness to share undocumented spin as absolute fact has led many progressive groups to go with knee-jerk reactions.

‘Fake news’ in America: Homegrown, and far from new

The corporate state created this monstrous propaganda machine and bequeathed it to Trump.

Corporate media’s “fake news” war is backfiring by showing the world the power of...

This battle has literally nil to do with fake news – or even Russia – and everything to do with the power of dissent.

Trump campaign struck deal with media company for more favorable coverage

The campaign reportedly traded access for interviews broadcast without commentary.

SeaWorld to open new park – killer whales not included

The company’s Abu Dhabi attraction is set to debut in 2020 and will use virtual reality to depict marine life, not live orcas.