Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Scientists Collaborate to Sort Fact from Fiction In Media’s Coverage of Climate Change

Climate Feedback is a global network of scientists who sort fact from fiction in the media’s coverage of climate change.

Amid Media Megamergers, A Mosaic Of Community Media Thrives

Even in this high-tech digital age, all we get is static: that veil of distortion, lies, misrepresentations and half-truths that obscure reality.

This Article Is Not About Donald Trump

The menu of the news, as presently defined, lowers your chance of understanding the world.

The MSM Could Not Care Less About This Threat to Democracy

The media's failure to report on GOP efforts to suppress the vote is aiding and abetting a national disgrace.

Hundreds Participate in #OccupyCNN to Protest the Media’s #BernieBlackout

According to Twitter users, the network, along with other mainstream media groups, failed to cover the sit-in.

Why The Major Media Marginalize Bernie

The major media don’t know how to report on movements.

NBA: The National Billboard Association?

Pro basketball teams are turning their players into running, dribbling ads.

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Walk Out Of Georgia If Anti-LGBT Law Passes

If Georgia passes an anti-gay "religious liberty" bill on May 3, the state stands to lose billions of dollars in revenue.

Donald Trump Triggers a Media Civil War

The mainstream and right-wing press are melting down as they fumble coverage of the uncontrollable GOP frontrunner.

10 Black Women Innovators and the Awesome Things They Brought Us

From a better hairbrush to modern 3D technology, ten things that might never have existed without the invention or innovation of black women.