Friday, August 23, 2019

Climb down from the summit of hostile propaganda

The lives – and even existence – of future generations are at stake in the relationship between Washington and Moscow.

Facebook is no friend to democracy

If democracy is to survive in this brave new world, mass movements of people will need to organize together to restrain these corporate behemoths and protect our digital commons.

The future of ride sharing

One would hope that this might lead to a ride-sharing operation run by the drivers, with lower prices for customers and a better share of profits for the drivers.

‘Horrific:’ In dead of night, Trump administration transferring children to tent camp with no...

"Please remember there are 13,000 migrant children in detention. We can't forget about them."

When economic growth indicates failure

For the well-being of most everyone – including the rich – equality is more important than growth.

Unionized judges and public defenders demand due process for immigrants

Long-lasting change, especially under the Trump administration, will require mass mobilization, publicity, workplace action, and an unwavering commitment to due process for all immigrants, regardless of past criminal backgrounds who also are entitled to due process.

The people’s Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day let us contemplate the moral injury we do to our nation every day in the never ending wars of the 21st Century.

The only fake news that provably threw the election to Trump was not Russian

The Democrats introduced the term “fake news” just days after losing the election.

What LA teachers tell us about rising inequality

We ought to see their struggle as “a strike for democracy – against the plans of a tiny clique of billionaires to unilaterally impose their vision for the world.”

What a wonderful world

A system produces leaders who reflect the dominant values of its components.