Sunday, July 12, 2020

Robert Reich | A Yinnopoulos, Bannon, Trump plot to control American universities?

There may be something worrying going on here.

As media labels Fukushima a “conspiracy theory,” radiation soars to record level

Considering so little is currently understood about the catastrophe, perhaps so-called conspiracy theorists, who doubt the ‘Fukushima is under control, don’t worry about it’ narrative, are the only ones displaying a modicum of common sense.

You’re fired!

With his Muslim ban, Trump lets a longtime public servant go.

Here’s how NBC News is catering to Trump’s presidency

As Trump feuds with CNN, NBC is elevating voices that are accommodating Trump.

Football is Trumpball lite

With President Trump, who needs a reality show about violence, domination, and sexism – not to mention brain damage?

Revisiting Orwell’s ‘1984’ in Trump’s America

The new regime evokes past totalitarian states, both historical and fictional.

Trump declares war on the media; a monumental mistake he will soon regret

Is he so arrogant and clueless that he doesn’t fathom the tremendous power that the media possesses and the massive damage that it can inflict on his presidency?

“My shirts aren’t going to iron themselves”: Conservatives launch attacks on Women’s March

Conservatives and other figures have attacked the demonstration with sexism and other demeaning comments.

Trump’s two-step strategy to take over the truth

The American people deserve better

Donald Trump’s hotel bans press for the inauguration, raising first amendment concerns

Throughout the 2016 campaign and into the transition, Trump has made his hostility to the press a centerpiece of his political strategy.