Monday, May 17, 2021

Saving the future

Only immediate climate action can save the future. If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.

Glyphosate exposure increases cancer risk up to 41 percent, study finds

"Our analysis focused on providing the best possible answer to the question of whether or not glyphosate is carcinogenic. As a result of this research, I am even more convinced that it is."

Real climate coverage names names, avoids false hope and probes solutions

But mostly, real climate journalism is about asking the right, and sometimes vexing, questions.

Court throws out Energy Transfer’s ‘racketeering’ claims against Dakota Access pipeline opponents

“It is also a check on corporate efforts to silence dissent.”

Greenpeace ships set sail to tell the global story of plastic pollution

The Rainbow Warrior and the Beluga have set sail in the Mediterranean Sea protesting the plastic pollution and asking supporters to join the Plastic-Free-Future Campaign.

Senate passes massive public lands conservation bill

The measure is the largest public lands bill considered by Congress in a decade.

Enbridge gave Massachusetts studies by climate denier, ALEC associate in gas project assessment

“To be taking the work of climate deniers at this time is unconscionable."

‘This is a crisis:’ New report details the age of ‘environmental breakdown’

The historical disregard of environmental considerations in most areas of policy has been a catastrophic mistake.

Polar bear ‘invasion:’ How climate change is making human-wildlife conflicts worse

Unfortunately, climate change is only going to make these negative interactions between humans and wildlife more common.

Energy Transfer pipeline projects on hold in Pennsylvania after string of violations

“There has been a failure by Energy Transfer and its subsidiaries to respect our laws and our communities. This is not how we strive to do business in Pennsylvania, and it will not be tolerated.”