Saturday, September 21, 2019

The lawsuit that could save the planet

With Donald Trump proposing to undo nearly all of President Obama's climate legacy, hope for a safe climate future may rest in the hands of the courts.

I couldn’t go to Standing Rock, so I closed my bank accounts instead

There are 38 banks supporting the Dakota Access pipeline. I found out mine was one of them.

Aruba commits to 100% renewable energy

Today, Aruba gets nearly 40 percent of its energy from clean power and intends to reach 100 percent in several years.

Bill McKibben: What’s next? Solidarity with Standing Rock, Nov. 15

So, what's next? Showing our solidarity with Standing Rock. Please join me and thousands of others across the world Nov. 15.

Climate change is affecting all life on Earth – and that’s not good news...

Humans need to do what nature is trying to do: recognize that change is upon us and adapt our behavior in ways that limit serious, long-term consequences.

It’s official: California becomes first U.S. state to ban plastic bags

25 million single-use plastic bags are discarded every day in California. This new law aims to benefit the environment and all wildlife.

Rethinking energy and justice in the Trump era

Local, community-based leadership is needed now more than ever to build the next economy—one that doesn’t pollute poor people, and send the money to rich people elsewhere.

The Obama administration just made it easier to put solar and wind on public...

The new policy has bipartisan support and will drive revenue for the federal government.

Trump’s personal investments ride on completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

The ardent supporter of fossil fuels also wants to bring back the Keystone XL and announced plans to undo President Obama's climate change and environmental policies.

EPA approval of Monsanto’s dicamba will ‘massively increase use of toxic pesticides’ on GMO...

The Center for Biological Diversity said the new EPA decision will open the door for dicamba use to jump from less than 1 million pounds to more than 25 million annually.