Thursday, June 4, 2020

Feds halt new drilling on Rover Pipeline after massive spills destroy Ohio wetlands

ETP said the pipeline will enter service in two phases in July and November.

Seismic testing to begin in Atlantic Ocean in push for offshore drilling

Conservation groups have filed a lawsuit against President Trump, challenging his decision to reverse President Obama's ban.

Rare setback for the GOP assault on Obama-era regulations

President Trump has already signed 13 repeal measures since assuming office.

Secretly approved in Alaska, will LNG trains soon appear in rest of U.S.?

“As if outdated rail cars carrying volatile crude oil didn't pose enough of a danger to the tens of millions of Americans who live and work near our country's rail lines."

The race to stop Tar Sands pipeline financing before loans are even made

Efforts to defund Keystone XL target same banks that supported DAPL. “If you stop the flow of dollars, you stop the flow of oil.”

How Mexican farmers got the better of Trump

Turns out corn farmers south of the border know more about trade than the U.S. president.

How not to lose 27 beautiful and sacred national monument areas

The Trump administration wants to know how you feel about your national monument lands. A public comment period opens May 12.

Emergency declared at nuclear waste site in Washington state

The Hanford site is known for being the most contaminated nuclear site in the country.

Conservative groups pushing Trump to exit Paris climate deal have taken millions from Koch...

The CO2 Coalition denies the evidence that humans are causing dangerous climate change and runs with the tag line “CO2 – Essential for Life.”

EPA puts politics over science

This isn’t 1984. You can’t just throw scientific conclusions into the metaphorical memory hole.