Friday, September 25, 2020

Meet the farmers putting politics aside to address climate change

The Practical Farmers of Iowa waste no time on partisan stances as they face the challenges of extreme weather and depleted soils.

Hillary Clinton ‘Dropped Climate Change from Speeches after Bernie Sanders Endorsement’

This is concerning for climate and environment activists as the other candidate in this election, Donald Trump, refuses to acknowledge climate change as real at all.

Earth Day activists wanted to disrupt the fossil fuel industry. The pandemic is doing...

We need to speed the transition to the solar panels and wind turbines that engineers have worked so mightily to improve and are now the cheapest way to generate power.

Climate change is affecting all life on Earth – and that’s not good news...

Humans need to do what nature is trying to do: recognize that change is upon us and adapt our behavior in ways that limit serious, long-term consequences.

As Amazonian wildfire season approaches, we must protect the vulnerable forest

Jair Bolsonaro’s aggressive deregulation and exploitation of the Amazon’s resources threatens the entire planet.

Priebus confirms that climate denial will be the official policy of Trump’s administration

Reince Priebus tells Fox News that climate science denial is Trump’s ‘default position.’

Former Koch agents, fossil fuel industry hired guns now staffing Trump’s federal agencies

The Trump transition team was loaded with Koch-tied operatives, many from the Institute for Energy Research, a Koch-funded group which helped carve out the Trump White House's energy policy.

Cuomo denies permit for Northern Access pipeline

We commend Gov. Cuomo and Commissioner Seggos’ decision to stop this pipeline from moving forward.

CNN and Fox News use the same climate change denier to talk science

It seems to be a media rule: If you’re “not a scientist,” pick the wrong one you like as your go-to authority.

Dr. Robert Bullard: Houston’s “unrestrained capitalism” made Harvey “catastrophe waiting to happen”

While the National Hurricane Center is now calling Harvey the biggest rainstorm on record, scientists have been predicting for years that climate change would result in massive storms like Harvey.