Thursday, October 22, 2020

Bankruptcy Filing Shows Arch Coal Funding for Climate Denial Group

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute's tactics amount to the harassment of climate scientists.

Governor of North Dakota: When Trump is president DAPL ‘will get its easement’

“I support the legal completion of this pipeline. Make no mistake, this infrastructure is good for our economy. And it's the safest way to transport North Dakota products."

Why students of color are stepping up to lead climate strikes

The youth-led movement builds on the momentum of the increasingly Black and Brown leadership behind the Green New Deal.

North Atlantic Right Whale population dips below 450 after ‘deadliest year’ since whaling era

"Right whales risk spiraling toward extinction if we don't protect them from deadly fishing gear."

Oil spill prevention law helps contain leak at Shell Puget Sound Refinery

"No oil in the water is acceptable for any of us who do this kind of work."

Federal judge rules Pruitt ‘knowingly’ violated Ozone Standards law

"This is a victory for everyone who breathes, and is clear evidence that Scott Pruitt's frequent attempts to delay and obstruct federal clean air safeguards is against the law."

‘The polluter should pay:’ Pennsylvania bill aims to ease PFAS-related drinking water charges

Proposed legislation would use funds from development on contaminated sites to help offset costs of cleaning tainted drinking water.

Our responsibility after Trump’s climate withdrawal

Trump follows previous U.S. presidents who have undermined climate action: The only path to climate justice is people power.

Top law firms called out for serving fossil fuel industry clients in new climate...

It’s past time these firms reconsidered how they represent one of the most destructive industries in history, and there’s no reason law students should not consider this representation in deciding how to direct their careers."

The New Flint: Children Exposed To Lead And Arsenic In Soil For Years, Are...

It's Flint all over again, except instead of a water crisis, it's a land crisis.