Sunday, January 23, 2022

Tens of thousands throng streets of Glasgow demanding climate justice

Organizers say over 100,000 people joined the protests, with 300 other demonstrations taking place around the world.

Children born in 2020 will see spike in climate disasters, study says

“We know very well scientifically that these extreme events are not only increasing in frequency, they’re also increasing in duration and intensity.”

Hawaii Goes Green and Other Big Renewables Stories

The Hawaii legislature just passed a goal to go 100 percent renewable energy throughout the state by 2045. The new solar installations are making even developing countries ambitious enough to go green.

Firefighters race to protect world’s largest tree from menacing wildfires

Sequoias have evolved to withstand wildfires and even to spread their seeds with help from the heat. However, the more intense fires fueled by the climate crisis can be too much even for these trees.

This year’s e-waste to outweigh Great Wall of China

2021’s mountain of waste didn’t grow out of nowhere.

UN report finds world leaders fall short of meeting Paris Agreement goal

They have so far continued to make choices that push them further away from targets they agreed upon five years ago to protect the climate and their citizens.

VIDEO: Bombing the Arctic: US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One...

Despite local demonstrations against destructive war exercises, the U.S. Navy is set to start the naval training in the Gulf of Alaska—one of the most pristine places left on Earth. Is the Pentagon making war on Alaska?

Biden can restore the EPA, but it will require steadfast effort

The Biden administration must focus on science and enforcement, reverse Trump deregulation efforts and reenergize EPA employment.

Over 70,000 march in Brussels to demand Green New Deal, urgent climate action

"We need a Belgian Green New Deal and we propose more than 100 concrete solutions to make it happen.”

EPA shuts down leaking oil refinery in St. Croix over ‘imminent’ public health threat

“This is a majority-Black island in a U.S. territory. It is located next to public housing. If this refinery were located most anywhere else in the country, it would have been shut down months ago.”