Saturday, February 4, 2023

New film “Little Warriors” features youth climate fight in unlikely place: Indiana

Kids in Indiana are spearheading a movement to fend off the prospective ravages of climate change.

Largest bank in Norway sells its assets in Dakota Access Pipeline

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that DNB was “reconsidering its participation” in the financing of the pipeline if “concerns raised by Native American tribes against its construction are not addressed.”

Wall Street Journal and Senator Barrasso still peddling Koch’s electric car myths

Senator John Barrasso and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial board are once again attacking the federal electric vehicle tax credit, and are once...

Climate protesters delay congressional baseball game

The protesters attempted to draw attention to the urgent need for large-scale climate action and pressure Democrat legislators to act.

20 companies are responsible for producing over half of all single-use plastic waste

“Since most plastic is made from oil and gas – especially fracked gas – the production and consumption of plastic are becoming a significant driver of the climate crisis.”

School strike for climate: Meet 15-year-old activist Greta Thunberg, who inspired a global movement

“We need to change ourselves now, because tomorrow it might be too late.”

One family’s bold stand to block construction of a new pipeline

The family is asking for supporters to join them and plan to continue their campaign against the pipeline’s construction regardless of the court’s decision.

Fracking’s dirty water problem is getting much bigger

Reusing fracking wastewater not only can have high levels of salts and chemical contaminants, but it also can be radioactive.

Massive drop in air pollution amid coronavirus makes Himalayan Mountain Range a visible backdrop...

"The nationwide Janta Curfew on March 22, 2020 and lock down since March 24, 2020, have resulted in significant improvement in air quality in the country, as revealed by data analysis and comparison of data for time before enforcement of restrictions."

ExxonMobil is still bankrolling climate science deniers

The world’s largest oil company says climate change is real, yet continues to finance climate denier groups.