Thursday, February 22, 2024

You now have more time to protest national park fee hikes

"Our voices must be heard and we encourage the public to continue speaking out."

HSBC plans to close Asian coal plants to curb emissions—while also investing £80 billion...

Bank accused of greenwashing ahead of COP26 for backing scheme while being world’s 13th biggest funder of fossil fuels

For Africa’s great apes, even ‘best-case’ climate change will decimate habitat

“African great apes are one of the most vulnerable mammal groups in the world.”

Despite withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, US will join climate talks

The United Nations welcomes the Trump Administration’s re-engagement.

‘Sociopathic disregard for our future’: Trump EPA set to gut restrictions on planet-warming methane...

Amid dire scientific warnings that the international community must act immediately to slash greenhouse gas emissions, President Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency...

Today’s Top Wind Energy Stories: Cost Down 60 Percent Since 2009 (Video)

In the United States, the cost of wind-generated electricity is down 66 percent since 2009, and there are now 50,000 wind turbines, generating enough electricity to power 19 million homes.

US-EU steel agreement to be first climate-friendly trade deal if passed

"The Sierra Club commends the Biden administration for pursuing a new, climate-focused agreement with the EU on steel and aluminum trade, which could become the nation’s first climate-friendly trade agreement."

‘This is history in the making’: Cherokee Nation is first U.S.-based tribe to preserve...

“It is such an honor to have a piece of our culture preserved forever. Generations from now, these seeds will still hold our history and there will always be a part of the Cherokee Nation in the world.”

A judge has rejected Shell’s latest attempt to dismiss a Connecticut climate lawsuit

The ruling, coming about a year after the federal district court in Connecticut denied Shell’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, means that a trial in the case could start sometime in 2024.

‘No plastic chemical can be classified as safe’: study finds hundreds of toxins in...

Hidden hazards: uncovering the toxic reality of recycled plastics.