Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dr. Robert Bullard: Houston’s “unrestrained capitalism” made Harvey “catastrophe waiting to happen”

While the National Hurricane Center is now calling Harvey the biggest rainstorm on record, scientists have been predicting for years that climate change would result in massive storms like Harvey.
Construction along the Keystone XL pipeline.

BP pipeline ruptures into CO river

The county where this spill took place has experienced 19 reported spills in 2016, 12 of those incidents were BP.

Boone, NC passes historic resolution: Ditch fossil fuels, go 100% clean energy

Just when we really needed some good news in the climate change battle.

U.S. steel chemical spill exceeds allowable limit by 584 times

The National Park Service says they are concerned about the long-term potential impacts to beach users’ health, wildlife and other park resources.

USDA may allow genetically modified trees to be released into the wild

“Our natural forests that support wildlife and the economic sovereignty of rural communities will rapidly be replaced with tree plantations for wood pellets, paper and more, leaving environmental and climate injustice in their wake.”

Drones now protecting African elephants thanks to American businessman’s funding prowess

“We are very grateful that many African governments are leading the way by allowing our drones to fly.”

California becomes first state to require solar on new homes

"With extreme weather events becoming more frequent, there is even greater need for homes that are efficient, reliable and resilient."

Tulsi Gabbard’s “Hemp for Victory” Act

Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) introduced a bill in Congress a few weeks ago that would modernize the hemp industry, develop specific guidelines and...

Yesterday’s People’s Climate March was a huge success

The People’s Climate March creates awareness of the importance of acknowledging climate change and criticizes the Trump administration for their efforts to ignore it.

Wisconsin Climate Change Gag Order Part of Broader Industry-Tied Attacks on Science

Wisconsin’s Board of Commissioners of Public Lands has banned employees from working on anything concerning climate change or global warming. Money was the main influence, unfortunately, so trying to fight this is going to be a challenge. But activists should not give up the fight.