Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Feeling hopeless about the climate? Try our 30-day action plan

Doing something every day will help to change your attitude and create momentum for change.

50 years later: Trump administration’s off-shore drilling plan completely unnecessary

This time around, partisan politics have become part of the process.

President-Elect Biden: Time for YOU to follow the science

A president can do a lot in battling climate change, without Congressional approval, through executive orders and EPA regulations. Obama’s record was mixed and hesitant. Biden will need to do many times better.

Trump channels Nero

Our descendants will thank us and curse the greedy grabber polluters. 

2017 was the hottest year on record for oceans

"Plastic is one of the biggest threats in the ocean at the moment, I would say, apart from climate change,"

Roundup revealed: Glyphosate in our food system

American regulators are dismissing key scientific data and continuing to raise the allowable limits for glyphosate residue in food.

Jane Fonda leads climate protests at US Capitol for fifth week in a row

“We cannot leave it to young people to fight this fight for their future by themselves.”

British Airways nearly as polluting as all vans on UK roads combined, data shows

Possible is calling for a “progressive tax” on aviation such as a frequent flyer levy that would increase taxes on flights the more someone flies in a given year.

Microplastics can kill human cells at concentrations found in the environment, scientists say

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting this is a health problem.