Monday, June 17, 2024

American Pharmacists Association Urges Members to Stop Providing Execution Drugs

Delegates of the American Pharmacists Association are refusing to provide drugs for use in lethal injections. Could this declaration make carrying out executions even more difficult for death penalty states?

Viruses know no borders. Vaccines shouldn’t either.

As an Indian American, my family has experienced the worst of this pandemic in two countries. For any of us to be safe, we all need vaccine equity.

People’s vaccine: Calls grow for equal access to coronavirus vaccine as rich countries hoard...

A growing movement is calling for the development of a people’s vaccine and the suspension of intellectual property rights to expand access.

Big Food and Hotel Giants Trying to Peddle Plastic ‘Authenticity’

More and more businesses across the country are adopting an attitude providing a buy-local, un-corporate, anti-chain alternative for customers. But beware of the corporations that are playing the profitable imitation game—don't be duped.

Exposed to agent orange at US bases, veterans face cancer without VA compensation

The half dozen veterans who spoke with KFF Health News said they want the military to take responsibility.

21 bodycam videos caught the NYPD wrongly arresting Black kids on Halloween. Why can’t...

Police have frequently used that power to withhold footage, not only from the public, but also from civilian investigators.

Native Americans have shorter life spans. Better health care isn’t the only answer.

So what’s ultimately behind this low life expectancy?

Millions Could Lose Obamacare Coverage as Supreme Court Weighs Dubious Koch-Backed Case

Behind the billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, Competitive Enterprise Institute sued the government in a new challenge to Obamacare. And it's all over an aspect of the law dealing with tax subsidies. Now millions of people's healthcare coverage is in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.