Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fooled Again

We have once more been baited and hooked by the corporate elites who look upon the electorate as malleable and disposable.

Police kill innocent man while serving warrant at wrong address

Lopez had no criminal record and the officer's account of events doesn't fit with eyewitness accounts.

State Troopers Arrested After Beating Unarmed Motorist on Video

Joseph Flynn of the Massachusetts State Police and Andrew Monaco of the New Hampshire State Police had been arrested and charged in Simone’s beating.

Support stronger air pollution standards

Tighter standards for air pollution could save lives.

Stop tax breaks for the rich: create a new tax system that doesn’t favor...

It is time for us to speak out and do something about the tax breaks for the wealthy.

End the U.S. policy of perpetual war

Please join us in telling President Obama to stop the war on terror.

Get the fossil fuels out of climate policymaking

Take action today and sign the petition to create a "precedent-setting treaty mechanism" to get a behemoth industry out of the way. Help us save the planet!

It’s worse than you think

We face the most profound crisis in human history. Our response is to elect a man to the presidency who does not believe in climate change.

Bernie Sanders Delivers Passionate Speech on Native American Rights

Bernie Sanders continues his commitment to fighting for Native American's rights by dedicating the majority of his rally speech in Arizona to talking about the serious issues they face in today's society.

Seven Bizarre Assertions from Clinton and Her Supporters

Recent arguments made to bolster Clinton are flawed, as per usual.