Sunday, October 20, 2019

Trump Like Sanders? Hardly. More Polar Opposites in Mindsets, Values & Proposals

Similar at heart? Parallel in the most important ways? Sanders stands for all the Trump hates. And vice versa. Trump could be the 1% poster child that drives Sanders' dramatic anti-elitist, anti-inequality, anti-climate change denial movement. A true challenger to the status quo (party and nation) and the oligarchic "establishment" that runs this country, Sanders is more polar opposite to Trump than alleged first cousin.

Fast Food Industry Looks To Skirt Labor Law, With An Assist From Scott Walker

There has been a string of decisions that favor workers over the past couple years. Now the fast food industry is fighting back.

The Real Meaning of Donald Trump

Trump is a sign of American decline. Just not in the way you think.

Too Big to Fail, Too Dangerous to Ignore

There’s only one way to protect the global economy from the dangers of too-big-to-fail banks: Break them up.

Top Six Green Energy Good News Stories From the Paris COP21

There is some good news on the emissions front, and new renewable energy installations are key to it.

LuxLeaks Whistleblowers on Trial For Revealing Tax Avoidance Schemes

Despite the fact that the LuxLeaks scandal was the largest exposure of corporate tax evasion documents prior to the Panama Papers, the government of Luxembourg does not recognize Deltour and Halet as whistleblowers, nor does it recognize Perrin’s journalistic freedom.

Clinton’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It

This surely will be one of the issues that Sanders carries into the convention. And it is one that Democrats and Clinton should adopt as central to their platform.

Clinton Says No Thanks To Charles Koch’s Endorsement, Citing His Climate Denial

Clinton tweeted that she was "not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote" hours after Koch said it's possible she might be a better president than the current GOP candidates.

The Al-Qaeda Leader Who Wasn’t

The capture, torture, and propaganda use of Abu Zubaydah is the perfect example of the U.S. government’s unique combination of willful law-breaking, ass-covering memo-writing, and “strategic incompetence.”

93% of the Great Barrier Reef is Now Bleached

Coral bleaching events in 1998 led to a death of 16 percent of the world’s coral. This time it may be worse.