Saturday, August 24, 2019

Russian influence? Nyet!

Trump responds to charges that he's too cozy with Putin.

As the Eagles soar, Trump gets Sore

These brave athletes, representing the city where the U.S. Constitution was drafted, have an important civics lesson for President Trump.

Manafort pleads guilty to conspiracy against U.S. and obstructing justice

Manafort also admitted guilt in 10 outstanding counts previously filed in the Eastern District of Virginia.

TransCanada Will Sue Over Keystone XL Rejection

Whatever the outcome, the decision on the pipeline will remain the same.

A march to disaster: Noam Chomsky condemns Trump for pulling out of landmark nuclear...

Noam Chomsky talks about the significance of the INF treaty and the impact of Trump’s plan to pull out.

4 Reasons Ted Cruz is Even More Dangerous than Donald Trump

Both men would be disasters for America, but Ted Cruz would be the larger disaster.

The Empowerment of Women Will Be Central to Realising Sustainable Global Development

Listening to, and valuing, grassroots women's knowledge and experience will help to shape progress towards 2030 that is good for people, the planet and gender equality.

Students Mobilized In Seattle To Win Free Bus Passes, But Fight Still Continues

The fight is not finished. The Seattle Public Schools district didn’t take time to fully hear out the students about their proposed plan.

Where Does the GOP’s Right-Wing Grouchiness Come From?

The National Republican Party has published an official policy document showing that the GOP really might be more than a gaggle of serve-the-rich plutocrats and wacky, Trumped-up right-wingers.