Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sorry, Donald. Taxes in the United States are actually very low.

Only Korea, Chile, and Mexico pay less.

When economic growth indicates failure

For the well-being of most everyone – including the rich – equality is more important than growth.

The light at the end of the corner

Bad as things are right now, experience tells us – or at least our military commanders swear to it – that they’ll get better sooner or later.

War and the imperial presidency

Congress offers a bipartisan blank check to Donald Trump.

A time for integrity

You have not pledged yours souls to the Republican Party. You have pledged yourselves to America. Now is the time to deliver on that pledge.

How the NRA Is Harming American Security: Mass Shootings as Serial Terrorism

What must not be lost sight of is that the San Bernardino shooters had legally bought assault rifles, and it was the assault rifles that allowed them to commit this carnage.

TransCanada Will Sue Over Keystone XL Rejection

Whatever the outcome, the decision on the pipeline will remain the same.

Why Wall Street Won the First Round and How We Might Win the Next

To avoid further crises with huge tragic social costs, we have an urgent task to bring finance back under democratic control, to reconfigure society’s relation to finance capital, indeed, to Capital itself.

For Rent: The GOP’s No. 3

How long has Rep. Steve Scalise been involved in Congress' take-and-give game with lobbyists? Ever since he starting writing the rules that give such corruption a pass. As Scalise puts it, he must “keep and expand our [Republican] majority in Congress.”

Supreme Court denies Trump administration’s ban on asylum for immigrants who illegally cross

The trump administration's ban conflicts with current immigration law.