Saturday, November 16, 2019

Attacking Wall Street and the Corrupt US Political System Makes Sanders a Genuine Revolutionary

A Marxist take on the Sanders candidacy argues that his support for US imperialist military actions won't matter much if he follows through as president on his calls to break up the banks and get corporate money out of the political system.

You Won’t Like It, But Here’s the Answer to ISIS

We can't defend everything, not without losing everything in the process. We should be ashamed to be such a fear-based society here in the home of the brave.

Half of US Shale Producers “Could Go Bankrupt”

This is the lowest level for oil since 2003.

Trump Just Gave An MLK Day Speech That Ignored MLK

Trump vowed he would expand the U.S. armed forces to be “so strong and vigilant that nobody messes with us.”

Clinton and Sanders Profess Outrage Over Flint’s Water Crisis

The Governor of Michigan is under fire from the Democratic presidential candidates after his lack of response to the water crisis in Flint that has made hundreds of people sick.

Detroit Teachers Use Twitter To Raise Awareness of the Conditions of Their Schools

Please help support Detroit Public School Teachers. Share this article, spread the word. #SupportDPSteachers

‘Ludicrous’ as Flint Tells Residents: Pay for Poisoned Water or We’ll Cut You Off

'All arreas should be cleared. No one should have to pay for this.'

Six Responses to Bernie Skeptics

Is Bernie Sanders too old? Would he beat Trump in a general election? Robert Reich discusses these issues and other concerns regarding Bernie Sanders for president.

Clinton And Sanders Call Out America’s Racist Criminal Justice System

"There needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system."

New York Values: What Tiny Ted Will Never Get About the Big Town

Only a rube thinks that New York is about money and media alone; it is much, much bigger than that.