Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Paying For Free Public Education

Should Bernie propose a “Let's Give Back To Our Country” program to help pay for universal free tuition?

New York Mayor Responds to Voter Purge

A petition has been launched on demanding “a full audit of New York counties that have purged voters from their rolls in the past year.”

Bernie Sanders Releases His ‘Boring’ 2014 Tax Return

Bernie Sanders earns less in one year than Hillary Clinton earns from one Wall Street speech.

Hillary’s Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step

Given Hillary's past deceits and reversals, it's easy to see why she doesn't inspire trust among the American people. Is Hillary dancing around reality?

The MSM Could Not Care Less About This Threat to Democracy

The media's failure to report on GOP efforts to suppress the vote is aiding and abetting a national disgrace.

Fight for $15 Movement Confronts The Presidential Candidates

The fact that Sanders has immediately embraced this executive order raises a fundamental question for Clinton: Does she really want to be on the wrong side of an issue that is a defining economic justice standard for the workers she needs to win the White House?

Demolish the Flimflam Narrative from this Messianic Prophet of Profits

Trump succeeds until sufficient critical mass unmasks his entire sham narrative as calculated predation, rife with contradictions, violent fulminations, and racist dog whistles. One defeats an immoral storyteller first by exposing the corrosive storyline, then the nasty, arrogant charlatan who presumes his black magic can gain him the riches of the White House. The only way to defeat such a crock is a sustained public assault on his entire narrative form, a tissue of deceptions whose “plot” is all about surpassing the last whopper. Focus on the formulas and creepy assumptions, not just lying details.

Bernie Taking National Lead

Sanders might not have the lead in delegates, but he is currently the national lead among voters according to a recent poll.

Wall Street’s Fraud of the Week Club

“Despite the evidence, many people still see these banks and the people who run them as respectable corporate citizens. In the words of that unnamed Goldman Sachs executive: If they only knew.”