Thursday, July 9, 2020

Blowing the Biggest Political Story of the Last Fifty Years

The shocking story isn't the rise of Donald Trump but how the GOP slowly morphed into a party of hate and obstruction.

Most Voters Favor Cutting Defense Spending. Politicians Say Otherwise

In a comprehensive new survey, most voters favored a decrease of at least $12 billion in the Pentagon’s spending and called for killing some costly military programs.

Friend or Foe? How Turkey’s Turn Toward Authoritarianism Threatens Syria and the World

Although NATO countries have worse, more despotic allies in the region, like the tyrannical monarchies of the Gulf, Turkey’s erratic, arrogant leader is arguably the most dangerous.

Pushing Carbon Tax and Fracking Ban, Sanders Lays Down Gauntlet on Climate

"I hope that Secretary Clinton would join me if we are serious about climate change, about imposing a tax on carbon on the fossil fuel industry and making massive investments in energy efficiency and sustainable energy. And by the way... I hope you’ll join me in ending fracking in the United States of America."

Igniting, Harnessing the Massive Power of the People

“When the people of America use their power to see that this government operates in this manner then this country will be on the path leading to true greatness.”

How Activists Mobilized to Shut Down Trump In Chicago

“Thousands of protesters from all over the city, led by black, Latino, and Muslim activists, spent days organizing the protest, motivated by Trump’s incendiary remarks about communities of color and religious minorities.”

In Trump We Trust: A Satire

Reworking great poetry in the service of satire, here with all the formality of a Shakespeare-style sonnet. Only satire captures the full absurdity of the bizarre election cycle, starring a fraudulent, unqualified TV celebrity in full disruption of a national party that started with Lincoln. Humor trumps befuddlement, as it were, at least this week.

Why Peace People Should Care About Money in Politics

While millions of people all over the world are being killed and injured by wars and violence, a small few are making billions from the never-ending war machine.

Bernie Sanders Releases Campaign Ads Disparaging Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Sen. Bernie Sanders is now openly criticising current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for failing Chicago’s public schools and suppressing video evidence of a teenager’s death at the hands of police.

Did Hillary Clinton Break DNC Debate Rules?

A photo shows that Hillary Clinton met with her aides during a break in this week's democratic debate - a clear violation of DNC debate rules.