Thursday, September 19, 2019

Pulling the lever for doomsday

Or How Donald Trump Changed Everything (2016-2020)

Sanders and colleagues introduce Workplace Democracy Act to end corporate bullying and restore unions

The introduction of this act will strengthen the middle class by restoring workers' rights to bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Bill O’Reilly hosted a fake Swedish defense “advisor” to fearmonger about refugees

Swedish Armed Forces Press Secretary: "We do not know who he is."

The president is fooling himself. Is he fooling us, too?

If the occasional appearance of sanity is all we ask of Trump, then his reign of insanity will be our fault.

The Trump Show is Ending. Time To Look At What The Real Candidates Say.

The Trump fog is lifting. Time to start looking.

Whistleblowers Challenge Candidates: Stand Against Wall Street Fraud

A new organization, Bank Whistleblowers United, calls on candidates to not take contributions from financial companies that have engaged in fraud and to commit to a set of actions that will "restore the rule of law" on Wall Street.

The Top 5 Reasons Obama Beat the GOP and Israel Lobby’s Effort to Kill...

As 40 Democratic senators and two independent senators stood with President Obama on the Iran deal, it is the most severe Democratic defeat since the 80s. But how did they do it?

Trump’s perilous gamble: Act guilty, evade infamy; then ‘redeemed,’ lord over ‘lying losers’

How does a careening president, readily turning into Liar-in-Chief and under FBI scrutiny, reverse his humiliating situation?

Whether Sauds, in Effect, Own the U.S. Government

“A dollar paid by a member of the Saudi royal family (or any other foreigner) smells just as sweet to a U.S. Government official as does a dollar paid by an American, especially in the current era of untraceable offshore accounts.”