Sunday, December 8, 2019

Keep America great (don’t count on it!)

Two years later, Trump has failed to reverse America’s decline.

The End of Big Banks

When reasonable Republicans and Democrats begin to converge on policy, we are more likely to get sensible change.

Trump and Clinton Win Big in April 26 Primaries

In a disappointing night for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton won four out of five states. Donald Trump made a clean sweep, winning in all five states.

How to counter Trump’s disastrous attack on our public lands

Fossil fuel leasing on public lands is worsening the climate crisis. But there's hope.

#11. Why Medicare Isn’t the Problem: It’s the Solution

Conservatives continue to claim that Medicare is running out of money and must be pared back. Medicare actually isn't the problem. The actual problem lies with healthcare coverage expected to rise steeply.

Bernie Sanders and others respond to Trump’s Muslim ban

“Trump's anti-Muslim order plays into the hands of fanatics wishing to harm America.”

Power begins at home: Vote

Building power at the state level matters now more than ever.

Airline safety at risk as government shutdown continues

“As union leaders, we find it unconscionable that aviation professionals are being asked to work without pay and in an air safety environment that is deteriorating by the day."

Blowback, Payback; The War on Terror is Backfiring

Are the recent horrific acts of terrorism that occurred in Paris, Brussels, and other parts of the world just a precursor of what is soon to come?

Democratic leaders on the future of their party

What's next for the Democratic party?