Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dominion mistranslated

The “dominionists” are using a dubious translation of the Hebrew word yirdu.

Congress, White House move disaster relief for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories

"Millions of Americans are suffering and this disaster relief plan is urgently needed."

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Once manufactured, there is nothing to stop India from deploying nuclear weapons against Pakistan.

Gary Johnson – The More You Know Him, the Less You Like him

So, now that you know Johnson better, how can you support him?

Electing Democrats in November without confronting neoliberalism will not be enough

If Democrats win in the next couple of elections but continue to make the rich richer with neoliberal policies (as Obama did), that will just be another opening for a Trump-type.

Alabama Governor resigns before pleading guilty to criminal charges

In 2014, Bentley accidentally sent a text to his wife intended for his political adviser and mistress, Rebekah Mason, that said, “I love you, Rebekah.”

The big lie that is behind the Trump/GOP tax bill

Absent union pressure, the bosses will never raise wages.

Why Trump’s revised executive order is still a racist Muslim ban

It is shameful, and will cost America in science, medicine, engineering and entrepreneurship.

The key to Tammy Baldwin’s landslide re-election? Exposing her opponent’s shady ties to ALEC

Targeted with $14 million in outside spending, the Wisconsin senator fought back by tagging her opponent as a servant of special interests.