Sunday, July 12, 2020

Bernie Sanders Releases Statement on Planned Parenthood Shooting

“With the nation’s attention focused on the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, our politicians failed to recognize the growing number of homicidal religious fanatics living within our own borders.”

It’s Official: Bees Added to Endangered Species List

The first bees added to the endangered species list include seven types of yellow-faced bees native to Hawaii that play a key role in the survival of some of the states endangered plants.

Trump’s new FERC commissioner Rob Powelson accepted gifts from energy industry as state regulator

Opponents of fossil fuel infrastructure are protesting Powelson and Chatterjee’s nominations.

Ending Private Prisons at the Federal Level Marks a Major Movement Victory

The DOJ’s announcement is certainly not a knock-out blow for private prison firms. But it's a start.

‘They will not forgive us’

Donald Trump welcomes in the age of “usable” nuclear weapons.

Trump leads the religious right to the promised land

Evangelicals’ alignment with Trump shows their affinity for power over morality.

40,000 Former Convicts in Maryland Just Got New Voting Rights. Here’s How It Happened

Just in time for this year’s presidential primary, a new law in Maryland will allow former offenders on probation or parole the right to vote.

Khizr Khan and the wisdom of Gold Star families

"If it was up to Donald Trump, [my son] never would have been in America."

Bernie Sanders Trails Hillary Clinton by 2 Points in California

It's a statistical tie in California as the June 7 primary approaches.

Trump’s big loss

Settling our differences through ballots and agreed-upon processes rather than through force is what separates democracy from authoritarianism. Trump wants the latter.