Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Miners fight to keep their pensions as the coal industry collapses

While the Trump administration is making moves, like replacing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan rule that was created to regulate carbon...

I’m 24 Years Old and I’m Running for Congress

"I have faith in humanity. I trust in the power of community. And I maintain hope in the promise of our generation and nation."

Donald Trump Endorsed by Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin chooses to endorse Donald Trump over Ted Cruz.

Tom Frank (and We) Describe How the Anti-Trump Was Destroyed

It is a mistake to brush off a primary with huge significance.

‘Worst-of-its-kind:’ Alabama abortion ban could punish providers with 99 years in prison

“It’s time to listen to women, not punish us for trying to make critical decisions about our own families and our own lives.”

How Trump’s presidency is fueling right-wing nationalist & anti-immigration movements across Europe

Hate crimes in Britain have hit a record high and anti-immigrant nationalist movements are surging across Europe.

Biden’s middle-of-the-road climate plan condemned as “stunningly un-ambitious” and a “death sentence for livable...

"A 'middle ground' policy that's supportive of more fossil fuel development is a death sentence for our generation and the millions of people on the frontlines of the climate crisis," said co-founder of the Sunrise Movement.

Former CIA Director Agrees to Plead Guilty to Leaking Classified Material

David Petraeus was responsible for disclosing the identities of covert agents and leaving classified material in unauthorized and unsecured locations. The former CIA Director plead guilty this week to revealing classified information to his former mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell.

Does the Super Bowl feel too political? Thank American militarism.

Make no mistake – even “non-political” celebrations of veterans are deliberately political.