Friday, September 17, 2021

Our country, the United States, is a rogue nation and our leaders are criminals

Should we fear for the future of this rogue nation and of the world?

The 15 warnings signs of impending tyranny

Consider yourself warned.

The Real Terrorists: The .01%

Real terror, facing life without shelter and warmth and sustenance, without a semblance of security for even one day in the future, is terror caused in good part by the 16,000 people who don't feel it's necessary to pay for the benefits heaped upon them by a perversely unequal society.

Seven Bizarre Assertions from Clinton and Her Supporters

Recent arguments made to bolster Clinton are flawed, as per usual.

Hillary’s Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step

Given Hillary's past deceits and reversals, it's easy to see why she doesn't inspire trust among the American people. Is Hillary dancing around reality?

Trustworthy Hillary

While Hillary Clinton’s impulse is understandable, it is also self-defeating, as now evidenced by the growing portion of the public that doesn’t trust her.

EXCLUSIVE: The Hidden Billionaires behind Trump

The Foreclosure King, The Three-Headed Dog From Hell and Goldman Sachs

In Bed with a Nation-Wrecker: 5 Ways Hillary Is As Bad As Bill

Hillary Clinton is married to Wall Street, and to the man responsible for the most diverse forms of national destruction in modern times.

The absurd amount of entitlements that go to rich people

Wealthy Americans complain about ‘entitlements’ for the poor, but they keep collecting their own entitlements, to a degree that average Americans can only dream about.

Three Middle-Class-Killing Industries for 2016

The companies in the spotlight are specialists in the disdainful business practices that permeate their industries.