Thursday, November 30, 2023

Chaos in Syria, Part I – 3 Motives and 7 Countries

What exactly has been happening in Syria in the last few years? How did we end up with millions of refugees?

Failed States and States of Failure

We have no idea what it means at this point in history to turn a region, city by city, country by country, into something like a vast failed state and then continue to bomb the rubble.

Netanyahu Demands More Billions From America, Insults U.S. Envoy, Steals More Land

Netanyahu made the claim on the US taxpayer in the wake of his harsh words for the US ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro.

The Pentagon’s Progress

Will American “successes” lead to more Iraqi military failures?

New Bernie Sanders Campaign Ad Vows to End U.S. Quagmires in the Middle East

In his recent campaign ad, Sanders stated his determination to destroy the global threat of ISIS but not without cooperation from our allies.

How Your Used Clothes Can Help Malala Change Girls’ Lives

Donated garments are helping aid the Malala Fund’s efforts to ensure girls around the world get the education they deserve.

You Won’t Like It, But Here’s the Answer to ISIS

We can't defend everything, not without losing everything in the process. We should be ashamed to be such a fear-based society here in the home of the brave.

Doubling Down on a Failed Strategy

Expanding the base infrastructure in the Greater Middle East will only perpetuate a militarized foreign policy premised on assumptions about the efficacy of war that should have been discredited long ago.

Experts Warn that Nuclear Risks May be Increasing

A nuclear watchdog issues a warning about the possibility that terrorists could obtain nuclear explosives or provoke a dangerous meltdown.

Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch to Drill for Oil in Syria, Violating International...

Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Jacob Rothschild and their company Genie Energy are about to make a killing on oil - from the killing in Syria.