Monday, March 30, 2020

US has supplied UAE $27B in arms despite nation’s links to torture, mercenaries &...

We look at how U.S. weapons are supporting the ongoing devastation in Yemen with William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy.

The Link Between Armed Conflict And Climate Change Just Got A Bit Stronger

Conflict outbreaks following climate disasters are no coincidence, according to new research.

US INF pullout will delight arms industry as it threatens to reignite Cold War

The reality is that it has largely been the U.S. that has been the aggressor through the terrifying and costly decades of the Cold War that this latest treaty exit action threatens to re-ignite.

Special ops at war

From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops achieves less with more.

Narco-corruption, ISIS 3.0, and the terror drone attack that never happened

If the Pentagon’s war-gamers are to be believed, far worse is yet to come.

Why spend $54 billion more on the Pentagon? To start a war, obviously.

The president apparently wants to put the U.S. on a permanent war footing to sustain his unpopular presidency.

Mogadishu massacre: Hospitals run out of blood, antibiotics for victims in mass bombing killing...

The explosions came after the Trump administration stepped up a U.S. campaign against al-Shabab in Somalia.

Everything about 2018 shows why Americans should remember World War I

The Great War had it all: An administration that hated protesters. A compliant Supreme Court. National anthem panics and literal flag kissing!

States of Terror

We waded into conflicts in the Middle East we did not understand, propelled forward by fantasy. And our folly spawned a death spiral of political, social and economic collapse, widespread poverty, massive displacement, misery and radical jihadism.

America’s phony war

Wartime rationing is a faint memory from the World War II era. No one is being required to sacrifice a thing.