Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tag: Artificial Intelligence

We can safeguard democracy without giving in to fear and more...

With voter intimidation and political violence on the rise, it’s time to invest in proven nonviolent, civilian-led safety endeavors.

FCC proposes mandating AI disclosure in political ads to safeguard election...

This move aims to enhance transparency and protect voters from deceptive practices.

Lavender’s lethal legacy: AI-driven warfare and the human cost in Gaza

This shift towards algorithmic target selection has ostensibly streamlined operations, but at a significant cost.

Pentagon’s AI dilemma and the call to ban ‘killer robots’

This collective of advocacy organizations has issued a clarion call for ethical clarity, urging Pentagon officials to unequivocally state their stance against the development and deployment of autonomous weapons systems.

The impending wave of AI misinformation in the 2024 election: Experts...

Experts in the field of AI and digital media are raising alarms about the potential impact of this technology on the electoral process.

Artificial intelligence: profit versus freedom

As with previous technological breakthroughs, AI places on society’s agenda both new issues and old contentious ones.

When AI assists workers, it is displacing them

The discussion of AI continues to be almost otherworldly.

Replacing the capitalist dream of AI-driven profits

When asked to share alternatives to capitalism, ChatGPT offered many options, none of which rely on the fantasy that money hoarding at the top can eventually benefit the rest of us.

U.S. and UK reach ‘first of its kind’ agreement on renewable...

“The United States and the United Kingdom recognize Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform our societies and economies and share a commitment to the role of government action to unlock the opportunities and mitigate the risks arising from the rapid development of these technologies.”

Whose planet are we on?

What happens when LTAI (less than artificial intelligence) gives way to AI?


Hate crime or isolated incident? Texas woman charged with attempted murder of Palestinian-American child

A shocking case in Euless, Texas, where a woman attempted to drown a 3-year-old Palestinian-American child, has sparked demands for a hate crime investigation amid rising anti-Muslim sentiments.

MAGA bottom line: Less about grievance, policy or values than know-it-all, esteem-buoying Trumpian absolutism

Trump steps up Nixonian arrogance (“if a president does it, that makes it legal”) into imperial privilege – if Trump the genius says it, that makes it true.

Justice Thomas sparks outrage with defense of gun rights for domestic abusers

Clarence Thomas stands alone in dissent as the Supreme Court upholds a law prohibiting domestic abusers from possessing firearms, sparking outrage and renewed calls for judicial accountability.

Exxon and Suncor lose bid to escape Boulder’s climate change lawsuit

A Colorado judge rejects ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy’s attempts to dismiss a lawsuit holding them accountable for climate change-related damages.

Julian Assange secures release after plea deal with US government

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange agrees to a plea deal, leading to his release from Belmarsh Prison and highlighting the ongoing debates about press freedom and whistleblower prosecution.