Friday, September 25, 2020

Tag: Bernie Sanders

No Reforming Democrats: Leftist Dogma or Scientific Fact?

“For the sake of our nation’s common good—mostly likely, for the sake of saving human civilization from encroaching climate destruction—I think we must expose the hypothesis that Democrats are beyond reform to testing by purely rational experiment.”

Hillary Clinton Narrowly Wins in Nevada After a Very Confusing Caucus

Hillary Clinton may have been declared the official winner of the Nevada caucus, but the Sanders campaign declares the final results extremely positive.

Bernie Challenges Hillary to Release Her Secret Wall Street Speeches

Hillary Clinton is being hard-pressed to release the transcripts of multiple speeches she was paid to give to big banks like Goldman Sachs. What is she so afraid of?

Hit Piece on Sanders Proposals Relies on Pro-Clinton Economists Mislabeled as...

NY Times runs hit piece on Sanders and his Medicare-for-all health plan, citing four supposedly independent "left-leaning" economists, all of whom actually worked for the Clinton and/or Obama administrations, are not "left-leaning" and who are actually Clinton backers.

New Fox News National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Leading Hillary Clinton

The new poll is the first to show Clinton trailing Sanders. Similar polls show Bernie behind, but closing the gap.

Why Bernie’s Proposals Would Spur Economic Growth

Failure to take action on the biggest banks, a single-payer plan, widening inequality, and discrimination will almost certainly harm the economy.

Noam Chomsky on Bernie Sanders and Our ‘Bought’ Political System

Who does Noam Chomsky support in Election 2016? Watch as he discusses his reasons for his preference for Democratic candidates and the differences between the political parties.

Bernie Sanders Releases Powerful Civil Rights Campaign Video

“I want to see an America where when young black men walk down the street, they will not be harassed by police officers. They will not be killed. They will not be shot!”

How Bernie Could Lose the Nomination But Win the Convention

Sanders is likely to reach the convention with more than 25 percent of the total delegates. That is enough, under convention rules, to force a “minority report” out of the platform committee.

Top Pollster Believes Bernie Will Win Next State Caucus

Looking at 7 different polls, it looks like Nevada's caucus might go to Bernie Sanders.


10 things you need to know to stop a coup

Because the best way to stop a coup is to deter it.

The (flawed) case against Julian Assange

The many mainstream journalists cheering on his extradition may come to regret in the future when the American government comes for them or their sources.

A new Supreme Court nominee before the election may spark a crisis of legitimacy

If the institutions of government are deemed illegitimate, preserving democracy may well be left to the people demanding justice.

Trump’s EPA dismisses dangers of chlorpyrifos on children’s brain downplaying agency’s own findings

“The EPA is ignoring decades of science by leading universities and in doing so, it's neglecting its duty to protect children from pesticides.”

We’ve got our own reasons to elect Biden — and he isn’t one of...

With so much at stake Autumn 2020 is a time when people have the decisive opportunity to prevent the consolidation of illegitimate power by an authoritarian regime.