Sunday, June 16, 2024

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‘De-certifying’ the Iran deal may be Trump’s most reckless decision yet

Iran is complying with the nuclear deal. Trump, on the other hand, is risking a war – and torching U.S. credibility.

The Pentagon’s new wonder weapons for world dominion

Or Buck Rogers in the 21st century.

Don’t let our ‘hair-trigger president’ start a nuclear war

The U.S. nuclear system was already dangerous, irresponsible, insane. It can only get worse with Trump holding his finger on the trigger.

Nuclear weapons: Barbaric tools of insecurity

Sustainable security is not created through threats and the cultivation of fear, but by building relationships, cooperating and establishing trust.

Trump seeks to spend more on nuclear weapons but buys little...

Cost overruns are eating up a substantial portion of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s weapons budget.

Donald Trump’s new nuclear instability

Donald Trump's finger on the nuclear trigger is a terrifying prospect.

Election 2016 and the growing global nuclear threat

Playing a Game of Chicken with Nuclear Strategy

What We Talk About When We Don’t Want to Talk About...

The one, in a vain effort to conceal his own ignorance, offers rambling nonsense. The other, accustomed to making her own rules, simply changes the subject.

9 Terrifying Things Donald Trump Has Publicly Said About Nuclear Weapons

One need not rely on anonymous sources to glean Trump’s views on nuclear weapons.

The Doomsday Clock

Nuclear Weapons, Climate Change, and the Prospects for Survival


Trump’s $48 billion corporate tax cut proposal exceeds annual K-12 education budget

The proposed reduction in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 15% would result in massive tax savings for the largest U.S. companies, benefiting wealthy shareholders while neglecting workers and public investments.

The Medicare Advantage Paradox: How private insurers cost taxpayers billions

Recent studies and reports from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) reveal that MA overpayments have significantly burdened taxpayers.

Clarence Thomas faces fresh scrutiny over undisclosed luxury trips funded by billionaire

This has prompted renewed calls for his resignation and demands for stricter ethics reforms for the highest court in the land.

Russia’s war on Ukraine generates more emissions than 175 countries: $32 billion climate bill...

The first two years of Russia’s invasion resulted in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of 175 individual countries, further intensifying the global climate emergency.

Supreme Court upholds access to abortion pill

More than 6 million people have used mifepristone since 2000.