Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Guilty of grand theft overtime

A new ruling denies overtime protection to millions of workers.

Why This New Overtime Rule Is A Big, Big Deal

Either we go with the business allies of Donald Trump who believe the extra time and labor of low-wage workers should be exploited without compensation, or we believe in restoring the bargain we used to have with lower-wage workers that they deserve the humanity of a 40-hour workweek and the fairness of time-and-a-half for working overtime.


Trump’s pledge for unprecedented power to Christian nationalists and promises of ‘largest deportation’ stir...

These declarations, made in the run-up to crucial primaries and the CPAC convention, offer a glimpse into Trump's potential second-term agenda.

Tragic protest: Air Force member self-immolates outside Israeli Embassy

This tragic event forces a global reflection on the intersection of personal despair, political protest, and the international community's response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Florida defies CDC in measles outbreak, telling parents it’s fine to send unvaccinated kids...

The CDC reported that childhood immunization rates hit a 10-year low.

Does America have the balls – or means – to buy out malignant swamp...

On John Oliver’s satiric bribe* to the Supreme Court’s king of corruption.

As 2-month-old starves to death in Gaza, Mosab Abu Toha says his own family...

“Where is the mind of the people in the world? How could you let this happen?”