Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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IRS targets basis shifting loophole to reclaim $50 billion from super...

IRS crackdown on complex tax maneuvers is set to generate significant federal revenue by enforcing compliance among high-income taxpayers.

The truth about Trumponomics

The MAGA agenda would make nearly every aspect of your life more expensive, while making the richest Americans even richer.

Should billionaires exist?

If capitalism were working properly, billionaires would have gone the way of the dodo.

New report reveals millionaires’ tax rates slashed by half since 1950s,...

This stark reduction in tax rates for the wealthiest Americans coincides with an era of escalating income disparity and could be costing the federal government hundreds of billions in lost revenue annually.

The 2024 election is about the rich stealing from the public

A fight over extending provisions of Trump’s tax cuts is at stake in November’s election. Ultimately, the race is about money.

Do high taxes on our rich make any sense?

We need to do more than tax high incomes. We need to limit them.

Unmasking the shadows: The fight to end billionaire tax breaks for...

A groundbreaking legislative effort aims to seal a critical loophole in the tax code, curbing the unchecked flow of billionaire-funded dark money into American politics.

Sanders’ bill targets sky-high CEO pay: A push for economic equity

The legislation, titled the Tax Excessive CEO Pay Act, targets corporations with stark discrepancies in compensation between CEOs and their workers.

Billionaires’ wealth skyrockets by 114% amid global poverty surge

This extraordinary accumulation of wealth comes at a time when nearly 5 billion people globally grapple with the challenges of inflation, war, and the climate crisis, slipping further into poverty.

Wealth over fairness: Shocking report unveils tax favoritism for the rich...

According to the report, in 41 out of 50 states, the wealthiest 1 percent are subjected to lower tax rates compared to other income groups.


Israeli military accused of massacre in al-Mawasi ‘safe zone,’ killing over 90 Palestinians

UN and international outcry as Israel justifies deadly strike by targeting Hamas.

The truth about immigrants and the economy

We need immigrants to keep our economy — and our country — vibrant and growing.

Similar to Biden, NATO is aged and unfit for leadership 

NATO’s 75th anniversary is an opportune time to take stock of NATO’s outdated world view and violations of international law.

Sanders pushes to block $18 billion arms sale to Israel amid Gaza conflict

As the Biden administration seeks approval for a massive arms sale to Israel, Senator Bernie Sanders leads a campaign to halt weapons transfers amid ongoing violence in Gaza.

Shooting at Trump rally sparks blame game as Progressives condemn GOP accusations against Biden

Political violence at Trump rally ignites accusations and calls for unity.