Monday, January 27, 2020

Tag: Scott Pruitt

Pruitt’s plan to debate climate science paused as science confirms human...

“What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic; it affects the rest of the planet.”

Pruitt is removing science advisers who have received EPA funding, but...

The EPA administrator called for scientific independence while drowning in fossil fuel money.

Report: EPA hires 12 more bodyguards for Pruitt, costing $2M annually...

Meanwhile, President Trump's budget blueprint would cut the EPA's funds by more than 30 percent.

EPA Inspector General investigating Pruitt’s ‘frequent’ travel to home state ‘at...

"Pruitt seems to be using these visits to launch his political career."

Pruitt’s attack on science continues to undermine integrity at EPA

Pruitt’s behavior is just the type of behavior the Scientific Integrity Policy should be protecting against.

EPA reverses decision to delay Obama-era pollution regulation after 15 states...

The rule will go into effect as planned on October 1, rather than being delayed by a year.

Departing EPA official warns of more crises like Flint under current...

"Only a few months on the job, Scott Pruitt has become the leading candidate for worst boss in the world.”

EPA’s Scott Pruitt wants to televise a debate on climate change

Pruitt says there are many unanswered questions about climate change.

VICTORY! Appeals court rule EPA cannot delay Obama-era emissions rule

This is a huge victory for environmentalists, who have been working tirelessly against Scott Pruitt and the EPA to ensure Obama-era environmental regulations aren’t undone.

EPA boss launches program to ‘critique’ scientific consensus on climate change

Since taking the EPA’s helm, Pruitt has assisted with President Trump’s systematic dismantling of critical rules that protect the environment in favor of energy development.


Bernie Sanders leads the way in Iowa caucuses with young voter support, according to...

The poll, which was conducted Jan. 20-23 and surveyed 584 voters, shows Sanders' support comes from the likes of young voters in Iowa.

IRS grabs the money

The IRS never was user friendly; the trouble is, it’s getting worse.

NYPD officer and fiancée charged with murdering his autistic son

Valva was suspended without pay pending the investigation. He has served as an officer in the NYPD since 2005.

The fate of the Earth

Climate change, after all, looks to be nature’s slo-mo version of nuclear war.

‘The only one I didn’t want her to pick’: In secret recording, Trump admits...

"Had she picked Bernie Sanders it would've been tougher. He's the only one I didn't want her to pick."