Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tag: Standing Rock Sioux

Remember This When You Talk About Standing Rock

Yes, everyone should be talking about climate change. But we deserve to survive because our lives are worth defending in their own right — not simply because “this affects us all.”

30 Powerful Photos Show Standoff Between Militarized Police and Dakota Access...

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a direct threat to the life, rights and water of the Standing Rock Sioux.

Arrested Pipeline Protesters Reportedly Detained Inside Dog Kennels

Since Thursday, at least 142 activists have been arrested while protesting against the North Dakota oil pipeline.

Activists Protest Outside CNN Demanding Fair and Accurate Reporting on Standing...

CNN, as well as most other mainstream media outlets, have failed to report on nearly any development of the pipeline dispute.

This Natural Disaster Assistance Law Is Why Other States Are Policing...

“The world is watching the violence of local police at the Camp at Standing Rock — and we are horrified.”

Indigenous Youth Occupy Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters to Demand She Take...

While Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has come out against the pipeline, Hillary Clinton has so far refused to take a stance.

Bernie Sanders Demands a Stop to the Dakota Pipeline in Open...

“It is deeply distressing to me that the federal government is putting the profits of the oil industry ahead of the treaty and sovereign rights of Native American communities."

Armed Police Clash with Protesters as the Situation in North Dakota...

Police are using armored vehicles, tasers, percussion grenades and sound canons to try and disperse the protesters.

Victim Blaming the Planet

A federal judge gets it wrong on the oil pipeline through the Dakotas.

Actor Mark Ruffalo Joins Activists In ND To Protest Dakota Access...

Ruffalo opposes the DAPL and says Leonardo DiCaprio is likely to soon join him in North Dakota.


Donald Trump faces groundbreaking criminal trial as first former U.S. President in the dock

With jury selection underway, the world watches as this unprecedented trial unfolds, potentially reshaping America's political landscape.

An urgent plea to leftists in the 6 battleground states likely to decide the...

If we want to remain a country where we still have the ability to agitate for justice and equality, then it’s incumbent on us to vote with that in mind.

Global uprising: Protests erupt worldwide against economic support for Gaza conflict

The wave of protests swept major cities across the globe, with significant disruptions reported on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, downtown Los Angeles, and key transport routes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Will the center hold as elections descend to a war between gut grievances vs....

While Trumpian individualism now equates with rank criminality, social activism fosters greater collective prosperity, opportunities and growth for all.

Averting Crisis: Global Calls for Restraint as Tensions Escalate Between Israel and Iran

Amidst calls for peace, a night of retaliation heightens fears of an all-out war.